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Virtual Asset Label

Virtual Asset Label allows you to...

  • Establish ownership
  • List privacy expectations
  • Where to return when lost
  • Convey important information
  • Acceptable use warnings
  • Employee expectations
  • No need for sticky labels on the outside of a system.

You can create and modify the message you want to display. This label is always in plain sight and cannot be moved off screen. It is also not easily dismissed, minimized or closed. It is there for the user to see.

These virtual labels also hide the identity of the person carrying the laptop. For example, say you have a big label on the outside of a laptop that says "Property of....", now everyone knows that person works for "...". The laptop might be at greater risk of being stolen!

Here is a screenshot showing the label as it would appear on the desktop.

Click the screenshots icon to the right to see what it looks like on the desktop and the admin utility to create the contents of the label.

Buy Virtual Asset Label based on the number of computers the software will be installed on in a single company.
Number of ComputersPrice
1-100 computers.....$29.99
101-200 computers .....$54.99
201-300 computers .....$74.99
301-500 computers ....$119.99
501-1000 computers ....$149.99
+1001 computers ....$199.99

Techy Stuff....
The data from the admin tool can be stored directly in the registry or saved to a .REG file, which can then be imported to any of your employees computer registry. If you want the added security of having the data embedded into the program we can do custom builds for your company at an additional charge. Please contact us for information regarding this process.


Virtual Asset Label
Program Details
Release Date:09/12/2007
Operating System: Microsoft Windows
Download URL #1
Download URL #2


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