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Thumb Buddy
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Finally an easy-to-use photo album generator that anyone can use! Drag and Drop, point and click, click to build...doesn't get any easier than that! Thumb Buddy helps you share your photos with friends and family or the entire world.

Add special effects such as masks, shadows and perspective views to set your albums apart. Customize everything with just your mouse. Thumb Buddy lets you add captions, use custom or built-in layouts for displaying the full size image associated with a selected thumbnail.

A short list of the many features:

  • Define thumb grid(ie;3x3,4x3,10x10)
  • Define resize options for thumb and larger image
  • Never overwrites original images
  • Custom compression options
  • Apply perspective or flat view
  • Insert thumbs into image mask
  • Add drop shadows with custom colors
  • Auto-crop for consistent thumb appearances
  • Thumb Captions
  • Custom layouts, design your own
  • Add transparent image watermarks
  • Add transparent text watermarks
  • Much more!!!

Thumb Buddy can do some really neat things with your images to set them apart from anything else. Read the information below to find out more!

Various Effects

Normal Thumb

With Mask Applied

With drop shadow

And finally a perspective effect

Along with the above effects you can also add watermarks to your images:

Here you see an image used to watermark your photo. The transparency factor is adjustable.

And here you see a transparent text watermark on top of your photo.


Thumb Buddy
Program Details
Release Date:04/18/2005
Operating System: Microsoft Windows
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