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Starfish Family Mail
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Not so sure about the internet? Afraid to let your kids near it? Even to email their friends? You just don't know what you'll come across these days do you?! Well Starfish Family Mail is a resource designed to protect your family members from outside intruders through your email. This Windows "kid safe" email client allows you to set up numerous accounts and allows each account to have their own list of "Friends" to communicate with.

While we have designed Starfish Family Mail so that it would be easy for your kids to use, it can be used by anyone! Afraid of using your computer? Inundated by gazillions of options? Starfish Family Mail makes it easy for you to communicate with anyone. Click for a new message, check off who the recipients are and send your typed message! There are hundreds of email clients out there but we kept this email client as easy as possible and added our extra security features so that it would stand out above the rest!

Because Starfish Family Mail strips all HTML code from incoming messages and only displays text you can be assured that no rogue virus or malicious script will ever see the light of day. You can also set it up to optionally delete incoming attachments with specific extensions such as .bat, .pif and .scr. Many viruses arrive in millions of email boxes every minute with such attachments.

In addition to allowing only communications with specific friends you can add additional authentication to each email to doubly verify that the email originated from whom you assume it did. So often these days email addresses are "spoofed" and the owner of the real address never knows that someone was using their address to send out spam and other compromising emails. With this additional authentication you can be better protected!



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