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Here you see the generator that creates the final downloader that your customers will use to download your software...

You assign the logo and text you want to use for the User Interface as well as each program and associated URLs. You could use Pathfinder to manage downloads from mirrored sites, putting the physical location in the description for each URL. Anything goes! Then add your FTP or HTTP download location for each item.

Here you see what the customer will see. In this case we have Pathfinder set up to handle multiple products. If we just supplied one product then only the second screen would be presented to the user, less the "Previous" button.

Here you see that the customer has downloaded several products...

When setting up your product urls you can either have the product handled by the internal downloader or send the url to the operating system to be handled by the browser. This is great for sending your downloaders directly to a web page for more information!

You specify the handler in Pathfinder.......

And the downloader see the option in the list!

When you specify just a single product the user is not displayed the the first screen where they can make a choice. They are taken directly to the download window. Also the main window does not slide open to display the download progress panes to the right. Progress will be shown directly below the URL selection field as shown here:



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