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Pathfinder allows you, as a software developer or affiliate manager, to save bandwidth while also cross-promoting your products? How? By bundling your downloadable programs into compact "download managers" to distribute to your customers. There are far too many cases where users keep attempting to download your programs and the download cancels part way through. Each time they restart it eats up your bandwidth allotment! Using Pathfinder you can let your users resume broken downloads and save your bandwidth.

What about managing affiliate sales for multiple products? Just put all your affiliate products into Pathfinder and give your visitors a single download that has fast and simple access to all of the products you are selling as an affiliate!

Why should Authors/Developers use Pathfinder?

  • Save bandwidth. Browsers don't always work with resuming downloads, Pathfinder can resume broken downloads, thus saving your bandwidth.
  • By having a single point downloader all of your products get additional exposure. If a customer downloaded one of your apps they may be a perfect fit for another app. With Pathfinder they have instant access to all of your products!
  • Product bundling! Do you have product bundles but no download to advertise them? Use Pathfinder!

Why should Affiliates use Pathfinder?

  • By putting all of the products you resell into a single point download you can promote all of the applications you manage as an affiliate sales representative.
  • You will benefit by saving bandwidth as well!

Why should eBook Publishers use Pathfinder?

  • Put ALL your eBooks in front of your readers!
  • You will benefit by saving bandwidth as well!

You can set up Pathfinder to download an individual product or have many products listed within and let your users download the ones they want.

By using your own download manager, you are able to get your product into the hands of your customer without using up so much of your bandwidth. Your customers will feel more confident that they have what they need after following the simple step-by-step download procedure. Plus you get the added benefit of giving your other programs more exposure. If they were downloading a single program from another download site they may not know about all of your other wonderful products. Using Pathfinder you can push more downloads into the hands of potential customers!

Is it that useful?

How can this product help you? Here is our real life example.....we have many products in our lineup, several are grouped into bundles. We have Just Suite and a Desktop Suite. Previously these Suites were only publicized on our site. Because of Pathfinder we now have a product download and gain more exposure on various download sites. We know of game authors that are currently doing the same thing as well as reviewers that will be putting programs that they review into Pathfinder so their readers can have quick access to the programs they have reviewed.

There are many uses for Pathfinder. If the key for you is to get your products into the hands of users then this is the tool for you!


Pathfinder Download Manager
Program Details
Release Date:10/28/2008
Operating System: Microsoft Windows
Download URL #1
Download URL #2


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