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LBSHelper Component for Delphi

LBSHelper component allows you to build an interactive help tool right into your program. There will be no more confusing help file mix-ups because this component can take your users through a process live, as they sit there. They won't have to go back and forth between your program and the help file. And face it, nobody reads the help files anyway!

Here you see a screenshot of the demo. Each hotspot in the Helper dialog controls something in your program. You can use it to change tabs, check checkboxes, activate specific menu items, just about anything.

LBSHelper comes with a front end tool, the Interface Generator, that will read in your DFM file and let you build your hotlinks using a basic HTML style editor. All datafiles are then saved out as XML files and read in by your program when it runs. Anytime you want to add/update a helper file you just need to send your users the new file, no need to recompile and rebuild your install.

Using the dialog above you can build your interface file. This will allow you to store all of your options and links for a given helper in one file.

Use the editor above to bring your help text to life. Use standard HTML formatting codes to bold, underline, italics your text as well as changing its color. Use the component browser to select the component you want to use in your action link.


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*The source code that is released is only for the TLBSHelper component, not the program that generates the interface.

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