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Just Wallpaper
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Just Wallpaper is not just another wallpaper changer, it was designed to brighten up and give a different perspective to your existing wallpaper images and yet be an informative place of information. Using Just Wallpaper you can over lay a calendar in three modes; 3 month left pane, 3 month right pane and a full month over the whole image.

You can also overlay important notes as well as a date/time stamp. If you are updating your wallpaper every minute you'll have your own desktop clock! You can place either of these overlays in any grid area on the wallpaper. The wallpaper is divided into a 3x3 grid and you can specify where you want which overlay to appear, if at all.

Below you can see some samples of these features in action:


And just for fun....

And don't forget about the puzzling effects your wallpaper can have on you! Spend a relaxing moment or two trying to shuffle your picture back into position with the Puzzler...


Slide the pieces around until you get them back in order! Set the grid from 3x3 or for a more challenging time set it to 5x5.



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