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Just Relaxing
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User Created Themes
Additional themes can only be
downloaded with the registered version!

Build on your relaxation therapy by adding some of these themes to your library! Of course if you have created a theme that you would like to share by all means send it on and we'll see about adding it to the collection! See Below for installation notes and how to submit your own theme.

English Meadow - Listen to the soothing sounds of this meadow.

Cathy Paris, Crediton, Devon UK

Trains - Spend the afternoon riding on a train!


Wolves - Listen to the wolves bay at the moon!


Elk - Listen to the Elk as they roam the forests and the fields.


Campfire - Relax while sitting beside a campfire and listen to the critters of the night.



Installing New Themes

Only registered users can download and install these themes.

Submitting Your Theme

Simply put your WAVE and JPG or BMP files into a zip file and email it to support@lincolnbeach.com us and we'll add it to this page. We reserve the right to reject any theme.



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