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Just Relaxing
Calendar Info

With the Wallpaper feature of Just Relaxing you can have a calendar imprinted on your images. No more fumbling around trying to find out what day it is or how many days till the weekend, just look at your desktop!

There are three types of calendars, the full month view that covers the entire image and a 3 month bar style that can either fill the left or right side of your image. Here you see the three types of calendars on various images. Pay particular attention to the first image and you'll see it looks like a "tin" image, as if it has been pressed into a piece of tin. This feature can also be enable to give your images their own distinct look!

You can adjust the brightness in the area where the calendar appears as well as the highlight for the current day, helping offset the calendar from the rest of the image.
In case of the full month calendar the whole image will be adjusted.



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