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Just Relaxing

"Enjoy nature, without the mosquitos"

Do you sit at your computer and stare out the window and wish you were relaxing on the other side? Well now you can bring nature indoors, directly to your computer! Just Relaxing is great therapy and adds that extra "white noise" that helps cheer up your day in the office and drown out the other noises that can be bothersome.

You've probably bought one of those relaxation CDs with the babbling brook and the forest nature sounds right? Then after a while you have the whole thing memorized, you know just when the frogs sound off and the crickets start singing! While this program sits in your tray it will play a basic background noise but everything else is completely random!

In the evaluation version there are 3 themes; the ocean, a forest and a brook. Each has its own theme sound, for example the brook has the babbling brook sound, as well as a set of different enhancement noises that would be associated with that area. Like sea otters on the ocean or woodpeckers in the forest or frogs by the brook. These sounds are completely random and can play at any time. By using multiple channels on your sound card you may hear a few of them at the same time or one right after the other! You can use the slider to set the interval at which these enhancement sounds are played. Bring the sounds of nature to your computer today!

"Just Relaxing, is one of the most clever and innovative products I've seen in a long time. I work at a computer all day, and Just Relaxing helps to set a "mood" in my office. My desktop is the woods, or a campfire, and I have sounds that match to fill in the silence. It doesn't add up numbers or let you type in words, it's just relaxing! Give it a try, I think you'll like it, I know I do!"

-- Michael E. Callahan aka Dr. File Finder (tm)

When you buy your own copy of the program you can easily add your own environmental themes! Record your children laughing and have them play on your own ocean theme! Or create a crackling camp fire with hoot owls decorating the night air. Oh wait, we've already included that in the licensed version! The possibilities are endless though! If you've purchased Just Relaxing head over the the themes page and add to your relaxation library!

"Our family cat "Nibbles" (whose disposition is otherwise "leave me alone unless you have some food or wish to gently scratch my majestic back") has not left my lap in almost 2-1/2 hours and is soothed by Just Relaxing. It is fun to watch her ears perk and bristle at the sound of apparent small critters scampering around my desk."

-- Michael Sanders, Texas

Along with theme related audio Just Relaxing will cycle through wallpaper images that you have assigned to a selected theme. Copy any BMP or JPG file to the theme folder and it will be added to the list and will randomly be displayed on your desktop. You can even have your original wallpaper restored when you exit the program if you like.

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Just Relaxing
Program Details
Release Date:10/18/2004
Operating System: Microsoft Windows
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