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Just Links

Using Just Links you can now easily manage all of your linked list pages!

Define your link urls and descriptions, search criteria and the depth you wish to search the site you are investigating. Just Links will spider each site to find your link, if there is a match the site will be added to your link list automatically.

After you enter your list click the Search Button to start! You can search your entire list or you can selectively search from your list. After the search you can narrow or expand your list further by overriding the default selection just by clicking the adjacent checkbox to the entry you wish to modify.

After your list has been defined click the Build button to generate your final link list. It will generate a new page or you can insert it into an existing document in a jiffy!

Searching a site
Just Links can spider any site to any depth to find your link. Specify the level of search and off it goes. Just remember that the deeper the search the longer it will take.


Just Links
Program Details
Release Date:12/19/2001
Operating System: Microsoft Windows
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