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Just Buttons
Demos and Screenshots

Below you will see various screenshots of the program. We also have included several "how-to" demos so that you can see first hand how to create various effects.

Watch Just Buttons in action with our online demos!
We have created several Flash demos that will show you just how functional Just Buttons is as well as tips on creating your buttons using Just Buttons. While viewing a demo you will find a Back and Next button, like the ones shown below, on screens with instructional pointers. These will let you follow the demo at your own pace. Click on these buttons in the demo when you want to continue on or review what you just saw.


Generic Demo - Shows how simple it is to change options for text objects and the button itself.

LED Demo - How to create an LED effect on your buttons.


Here is a screenshot studio interface. Each object type has its own editor. Selecting different objects will bring up the editor for that object. A preview window is used so that you can see what your button looks like as you make changes.

Object Properties
Each object has properties unique to itself. The editor dialog will reflect the options for the object that is selected in the editor. If no object is selected you will see the options available for the button itself.

Object Tree
Here is the object tree. Clicking on an object in the tree selects the object in the editor and brings up the object palette with its information. Clicking an object in the editor will also highlight its entry in the object tree. This allows you to see where the object resides in the order of objects on your button.



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