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Downloading Our Products

You have selected to download one of our products. There are a few steps that your browser will take you through to get the selected product installed.

Step 1:

The file you requested should start at any moment. If it doesn't then click here to manually start it:

Step 2:

Your browser may display the following dialog box. If it does select the SAVE button. This will allow you to save the downloaded file in a specific location on your drive. Clicking the OPEN button will open the downloaded file from the Temporary Internet Files location.

Step 3:

The next step will be to pick the location you wish to save it to. Select the directory and click SAVE. Pay close attention to the filename so that you can go back and start the install if you do not do it immediately after the download has completed.

Step 4:

Once the download has finished there are several options available to you. To install the program right away click the OPEN button. To check it out later you can dismiss this dialog by clicking the CLOSE button. Just be sure to remember where you saved the file so you can get back to it easily.

Once the install has begun you will be guided by the individual product's install instructions and you should find menu entries for the installed program in your START/ All Programs menu. Each of your products has a Buy Now button or Buy Now menu item(Under the Help menu) which will lead you back to our site to purchase the products desired.



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