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Blinky Blink
Blinky Blink is a Freeware game that tests your skill of memory. As you can see from the screen shot below there are a series of boxes. Each box can be set to blink depending on the number of Active Shapes you have set up to use.

When you click the GO button the boxes will blink as many times as you have the Number of blinks spinner set. So using the following settings from the screen shot below the first 10 boxes, from left to right, will be set to blink and a total of 12 blinks will occur.

If you "blink" wrong a red light appears in the upper left, if you "blink" correctly it is green. If you are totally lost just click the GO button again to start a new game!

Click the link to the right to download your free copy today!

Blinky Blink
Program Details
Release Date:09/21/2000
Operating System: Microsoft Windows
Download URL #1
Download URL #2


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